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History of Stuhlmacher Farm


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Stuhlmacher Farm LLC

Stuhlmacher Farm is the legacy of our German immigrant ancestor Charlie Stuhlmacher who emigrated to the U.S. in the 1870s (some time between the ages of 5 and 12).

Charlie bought and sold a lot of acreage over the years, but the original 40 acre homestead has remained in the family since 1879.

Stuhlmacher Farm LLC was established in 2012 by the 5th and 6th generation of descendants with the intention to re-homestead the ancestral farm.

We hope that Stuhlmacher Farm will be a legacy that continues to be passed down to future generations in perpetuity.


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History of Stuhlmacher Farm

19th Century

The original 40 acre Homestead was purchased by George and Lisette (Stuhlmacher) Pohl on August 10, 1878 along with 80 additional acres to the north. When George died, the 40 acres was acquired by Lisette's older brother Frederick "Fritz" Stuhlmacher in December of 1879.

In 1885 Fritz and his wife Frederike sold the 40 acres to his mother Mary and his brother Charles "Charlie" Stuhlmacher (the youngest of six siblings - 3 boys, 3 girls) two days after Charlie's 19th birthday. Mary deeded her share to Charlie upon her death (in 1904).

20th Century

In 1901 Charlie buys an additional 60 acres to the south of the original homestead from his brother John who purchased it in 1892.

Upon Charlie's death in 1944 the 100 acres passed to his surviving children Raymond and Louisa. Raymond (died 1955) conveyed his half to Louisa (Stuhlmacher) Canfield and upon her death in 1957 it passed to her three surviving children - John Henry Canfield, Genevieve (Canfield) Martinson, and Jacque (Canfield) Mog.

In 1964 Donald and Genevieve (Canfield) Martinson bought out Gene's siblings' interest in the farm.

21st Century

After Gene's death (2006), in 2007 10 acres across the north end of the original homestead was sold to Wendel and Kris (Fasholz) Keeney (third cousin 1 time removed from Gene's children). The remaining portion of the farm (about 85 acres) was placed in a Family trust for her children (Suzyn, Donna, Jim and Dale).

In 2018 the southernmost 20 acres was sold to neighbors Paul and Ann Krejnik leaving the farm with approximately 65 acres. Money from the sale has been placed in a development fund to be used to re-homestead the property.

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